Monday, January 02, 2017

There's More!

Happy New Year blog friends!
I'm so happy you are here!

It's time to start everything fresh, right!

Shouldn't we do that EVERYDAY?  Each year we have 365 days to start over, there is always such a push on those first few days in January... and then it slowly fades away...

Just now my husband went to the gym and I was going to join him in a bit, but the parking lot is full!  Always that excitement of 'getting back' into shape.

It's not by any means that I think outside the box... which I know I should do more... but slow and steady..... I know that for the past two years I have diligently been going to the gym two days a week, at least, and then doing supplemental exercising with stretches and yoga and walking at home.

I've decided on my word for the year.  Something I intend to focus on.  MORE... I want to be MORE me!  Like a Peggy Sue  2.2 or even higher.
When I do something, consciously... I want to do it a little better, a little harder, and with a tad more intent.  I want to grow and be just a little bit better than I was the last time, or the day before.  So for instance... with the gym... I have an idea that I will walk a mile on the track... but when I'm actually there, I intentionally or consciously... walk another 2 laps, or another 5 minutes... something just a bit MORE!

I'm here to change my world!!! And those who are immediately a part of it!
 I think of these goals, and what is really doable.  By no means am I outwardly putting myself down.... but to be REAL... I'm not a scientist, or a doctor or even a teacher.... (someone who can make a big difference for many others) 

....but in my corner of the world... I can make a difference this year.... I can give MORE (if it's a donation of money or time.... I CAN step it up a notch). I can LIVE more, by being present in my situation and not comparing the moment to any other or any other person.  I can show MORE kindness, I can learn MORE and I can certainly do MORE.

In the mean time....

I will create MORE artwork and share MORE as gifts and orders to friends and family near and far...
So, always a ***shameless*** plug.... cards on my blog are for sale.  Just inquire and I will tell you if they are still available, if I have something similar or I can create it uniquely for you!

Here is to a new year.... a new year of MORE  .... SHINE MORE, and it depends on how you look at it... it could be Less is MORE or  MORE is less.... you'll just have to stop back.... because, wait... there's more!!

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