Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Brave...but not like some

 Okay, as part of thinking outside of my creative 'box' and working on my SELF, exploring a different kind of art other than keeping an Art Journal (oh and of course my little faux creative greeting card company), here is my first mixed media canvas board from Brave Girl's Art School.  It's a 6 week online art class that I signed up for and the first week we are making Funky Flowers!
The flowers are created of  'lots of things you find around the house'.  So, there are petals made from patterned fabric, patterned paper, lace, buttons and other do dads.  Then I used Sparkling paste (from Home Depot) and colored it with acrylic paint to make texture, texture and more texture.  And then pieces are 'glued down' with Mod Podge. Many layers of Mod Podge.

To me, this has a cottage feel to it.  I can't say it's my 'style' but then I don't know what my style is when it comes to painting. I still love the detail my ink pen gives me.... but I'm trying to be FREE and paint what I feel... la dee da!

It's an extremely beautiful sunny day .  Just like I remember watching the Today show at 8:46 am 11 years ago... I was kid sitting with my kids and 3 other teacher's kids...before school started for my first and third grader... and then life in middle America and every where in the United States was on hold... for days... what the hell was going on!!!!  I will never forget.

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