Monday, September 10, 2012

Just call me Ar-teast!

I love, love doodles like this! 
When I'm blog surfing they catch my eye and then right away, I just have to try and recreate them.
(sorry I don't have the name of the original artist)

I think a flat on picture is too boring... so that is why it is fun to work on my shading.  These BIC markers I have a great, because when you add another layer of color it does make the base layer darker and seem like I am adding shade word.  People have to pay big bucks for the Copic alcohol markers to get the same affect.
Cut out some blue patterned paper and it looks like a jean pocked, even with a stud!  and the swirls add just the right flair!

You can do anything
but not everything
 ~ david allen

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