Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love this Day

 How big do you think this is????
Last week it was Funky Flowers, this week it's powerful words!!!

It's 11" x 14".
This is next project for the on-line art class I'm taking over at Brave Girls.  The letters are printed out from the computer, then I pinned them on to some fabric that I had laying around, cut them out (that is called fussy cutting), next they got mod podged on the  canvas board, and then I painted over the Love and Day....  the close up below is just the fabric only of 'this'... so you can see the texture. It's all about textures for this class!!! There is other painting and inking going on for the background and edges.... with these  type of 'paintings' it's hard to know exactly when I'm done.
One of the many neat things about 'learning' more with mixed media, is that everything can be a creative experiment, a work in progress.... hmmmm, I'm not sure I really like that... with card making... I get the instant satisfaction of completing a card in 10-15 minutes.  Painting and collaging and mixed media... I could be putzing on each work of art for days. But, I could make this design into a creative greeting!! stay tuned.

However, the main reason I'm taking this class is.... to stretch my creative muscle. And I must admit... I really


K Hutchinson said...

Love this sign! Lucky you to be taking a brave girls class! ENJOY!

Peggy said...

Thanks Kim... apprciate you leaving comments. It's fun to take a good online class that is self paced. Love it!!!


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