Monday, September 24, 2012


What's even better than just getting an awesome creative greeting in the mail?  Getting a card and a special gift too!!!

I went to a mini stamp camp last week, where I learn something new every time!  Here is super cute card that holds a tea bag! 

 It could hold ... a gift card,  hot chococolate, tiny flat candy bar or a instant soup packet..... it could be anything to 'warm' somebodies day.  I'd be careful about mailing the 'bigger'  individual packets (or the chocolate)... but a small tea bag like this..... I think it could be sent FIRST CLASS. 

Any of the other things can be added to the card if you were hand delivering this on top of a pretty gift!  So many choices to make!

Another great thing about going to a class, now I tons of ideas and I could make any variety of cards with this same theme, just change the patterned paper (and or sentiment) out for he season.  Couldn't you see this as hostess gifts, or a card sending get well wishes, or even a specialChristmas treat.... (yikes, who said Christmas??)

Anyway... I love to learn!  I love to go to stamp classes to learn about making cards.  I love to make cards with new tips and techniques.  Then, I can
Brighten Someone's Day
with even more unique and whimsical creative greetings!!!

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K Hutchinson said...

Oh my gosh, I just love this card that has tea in it! I am a loose tea gal myself, but it is such a sweet idea!

Doesn't taking a class, make your muse just run in overdrive! It's so good for the soul!


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