Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cute as Button

Just like an inked thumb print, every little button has it's own story!

This is an actual tag that can be pulled off the card and used separately, or the message can be put on the back and then tucked back into the card front!

A few weeks ago I showed you a little character card made with a simple thumb print.
Then of course on Pinterest I found a sample like I created above... Change the ink out, add a few doodles and anything can be created from inky fingers.... from wild animals to people, from simple hearts to an entire picture of fall leaf thumb prints.  Amazing!

I love cardmaking designs with buttons! 

 I would do more because I have a tin full of (mostly used... old) buttons.  The thing that stops me from creating more with this 'do-dad', is sending them through the mail. 

Buttons are bulky.

You know me, I follow the rules.... you are supposed to add additional postage and somewhere put on the envelope, hand sort (or something like that).  I heard that postal workers don't always like crafters because we send things that can get caught up in their sorting machines. 

I understand that! I don't want one of my friends to receive a ripped envelope... it mars the beauty!

I think the one button on this card is okay.  It's a cute little birdie with a wing and then a few doodles for beak and feet!  How much of a problem could he be???

I'm continuing to work through some of my copying issues and according to Steal Like an Artist... I'm copying because I'm going to fake it until I MAKE it!

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K Hutchinson said...

Your button birdie is adorable! Love your card! You are very talented :)


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