Friday, August 31, 2012

Bleeding he(ART) Journal

 Mixed heart top down project: Last weeks mixed media entry to my Art Journal. 

 I admit it.  I completely CASed the project from Christy Tomlinson's tutorial here!!  Honestly, I love painting, I love using mod podge and gluing paper down, I love little doodle lines, I love working shading and shadows, I love working on a paper that is larger than 8-1/2" x 11".... I just need to see someone else doing all the thinking.... and I follow along and enjoy the results!! 
Who knows if mixed media art painting is for me, but my ART JOURNAL now has a least 16 pages filled with color, shapes, feelings, swirls, circles, paper piecing and more.  Would I do this again?  Certainly!  Would I take a class in person, or online to learn more about mixed media art?  Certainly!!!

I love art from the HEART!

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity!
Brighten Someone's Day!

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K Hutchinson said...

Your page is great! Love the textures, colors and lines! Online classes are so much fun! I just finished the art of giving with Regina Lord! I won the class but it was worth every penny if I would have had to pay for it!


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