Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A BIG 'hello' from Thumbody

I've thought of doing this before....years ago actually.  Sissy was in first grade when I saw my first 'thumb' buddy image...so we are talking about 10 years now!  Cute, super cute images just using my thumb squished in ink and then placed on the card... with doodles making the magic come alive on each creative greeting!!

You can write it numerous ways... Thumbody loves you, thumbody thinks your great, Hello from thumbody, brighten THUMB body's Day!!!!!

While surfing through Pinterest I stumbled upon I believe an Asian web page, where they took the thumb prints a step further and created these adorable animals!

Simple and cute...... and endless if you have time to doodle.

Have you ever had your fingerprints taken?  How many endless cop movies and tv shows have you seen where the criminal is hauled into a precinct and their picture is taken and the next scene some guard is painstakingly taking their finger prints for identification? 

I had my finger prints taken about 5 years ago.  I was at the county jail, but no where near any criminals or jail cells.  To become a paraprofessional in the school system in our city I had to have a background check, finger prints and all.
I was a bit nervous.  For no reason.... they don't even use ink anymore.  It's all digitized... I just rolled my fingers over some computer screen and I was done in less than a minute... no mess... at all.

With these kind of ink prints, I can certainly
brighten 'thumb' bodies day!!!

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K Hutchinson said...

I love this so fun and whimsical!


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