Monday, August 06, 2012

Four Cheers!

 Here are the remaining 3 cards from the series of four Charlie cards.  You can see the fourth card on the last post, just scroll down a bit farther!!

I loved how each and every one of them turned out. 

In keeping with latest challenge to myself... I am using papers from my stash.  It's not that I'm on a 'no buying' spree, but I felt that it would be best to start using some of the beautiful and fun things I have on hand.  Why hoard them? When I can make them into fun things to share and brighten someone's day!
 Normally I doodle my images on square 2x3 white cardstock pieces, but this time, since I see so many layout images die cut from the Nestabilities or other brands, I cut the shapes first and then doodled on the size at hand. Fun, fun fun!  The more layers and the more colors I use, the more I love how these cards turn out!
The same sentiment, "Well be-haved women seldom make history" was computer generated and used on every card in the word bubbles.  I think all the gals who receive these cards from SS will just smile and say, it's so true!

I love pretty things and clever words ~ pinterest

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