Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

How can it be? 
 It's that time of year where moms are off enjoying their iced coffee in peace and quiet.  They're whoopin' and hollerin' down the grocery store aisles, they are relaxing in the soft bubbles of a pedicure vibrating chair. 

Around our neck of the woods, it's the first day of school!!!

Today was 'my' last first day of (public) school for my kids.  I told you a few months ago, but my job is slowly being phased out.  Although I will always be these two wonderful kid's mom... my day to day agenda has completely changed from: PTA meetings, team supporter, party planner, driver, snack provider, costume designer, equipment carrier, cheer leader, chauffeur and the list goes on and on.  The calendar looks pretty barren these days.  I say this with a little tear, and a big smile, because this has been the best job I ever could have imagined!!!

Maybe I have to test my own wings and fly the coop as well in a whole other direction, test the waters and see where my next adventure(s) will take me.  These fluffy wings of mine are a little rusty!!!

Who knew that sending them off that very first day would be filled with tears of joy and sadness and then 12+ years later, you are filled with the exact same emotions!!!  Well, at least I am!!
What a day! :)

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