Friday, August 03, 2012

Charlie Shines!

 Go ahead... I dare you.... Brighten Someone's Day!!!!

I am in a constant battle with myself.  I love the concept of SHINE.  A great way realize the impact of little things! 

But I also know that well behaved women seldom make history!!  Incorporate the two and what do you get??
I think the summer heat is getting to me.  I am so confused. Right /Left, win/loose, gay/straight, happy/sad, job/un-employment ...

I was presented the challenge to take an ordinary shoe string and create something one-part Do It Yourself Project and one-part Random Act of Kindness.  I spray misted the shoe string yellow, added some grosgrain ribbon and mesh ribbon and made it into a FuNky bow.

A special birthday is coming up this month and I designed and created 4 new Charlie cards.  A perfect way to top the gift pack of creative greetings was with a SH!Ney yellow bow. I was able to complete two projects in one.
Trying to Be relentlessly passionate!

Now about that saying...I don't know if I'm willing to make history... but I need to make a dent some how, I'll participate if you will!!!

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