Monday, August 13, 2012

Wish for You

 It's a pretty wonky day out there today. 
 For the past two months we have been hitting 95 degrees of hot, hot sunshine by this time in the morning (9am).  Today it's barely 65 degrees out, very overcast with a few sprinkles here and there.  I guess I really never noticed so many things changing.... all at once!

But I'm always wishing for the best.

The card above reminds me of that old fashioned fabric Toile. Black and white.  Black boarder punch and a white bow tie ribbon. Simple!
Busy weekend.  Moved Bubba back to Iowa City.  Instead of the dorms he moved into an apartment with a room mate.  That's a big change!  So, we emptied his room ... bed, dressers, side table, lamps, clothes, tv, books and stuff and also moved a hide-a-bed couch. Thus the truck rental.  I had to drive that rust bucket home in the rain the other day.  It was only supposed to be 10 feet long.... it was more like 16.  It appears they charged are the correct rental fee....but that thing was huge.... and then on Saturday had to drive it over 215 miles west! I drove behind in the Pilot and we made the round trip in one day!

Here's Bubba and his dad outside his apartment #5.  The kid looks happy doesn't he?  All I can do is hope, and pray... and wish for him to have a great year at the U of I.   Be smart, make good choices, study hard and have some good clean fun!!!  I'm such a mom!

His bedroom is empty.... that's a real hard change!

Lastly, happy Left Handers Day!  I'm lucky to always be in my right mind!!!!

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