Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Every 365 Days

Sorry I missed posting yesterday.
Did you miss me?

I am so awed and shocked about this social media stuff, (cell phones that get the internet, ipads, ipods, kindles, tweets, facebook... the list is never ending and growing every day) at times I can't grasp my head around it! 

 I've been to blogs where they are having parties and giving away things if you post a comment (nice stuff, you would be randomly picked by a number integer search or something like that, are those sponsored gifts they 'give away'?) . One blog links to another blog and then another blog and so on....I've been to blogs where they have 5,000 followers!!!!....thank you the four that signed up (if you are still with me) and for those of you who pop in every once in a while to see what's happening in our humble abode! Thank you for stopping by!  I hope I make you smile, chuckle and feel welcome!

If I had hundreds of followers I would be pressured into performing every time I posted great cards, exciting recipes, fabulous photos, amazing antidotes...
Although this little creative greeting design blog won't perpetuate me to the top... everything in moderation around here... I get to have a little bit of everything then in my corner of the world. A diary to write down my feelings, a place to show off my family and my designs, an outlet to express my opinions.  No pressure other than my own!

Wishing someone a Happy Birthday with the simple banner layered card above made me start to think of a quote I saw on Pinterest... If you started today, a year from now you'd have been doing it for a year.... or something like that :) 

If you started exercising today, a year from now you'd have... If you started working on a positive attitude, a year from today you'd have.... but I can't help myself and think... a year ago I took my oldest off to college for the first time, and a year from now... I will be taking my baby off to college  .... what a difference a year can make.  But the same can be said, what a difference a day makes!
Brighten someone's day! 
Send them some FuN MaiL....

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