Thursday, August 30, 2012

Off to Market (myself)

To SHINE is to market yourself!

And I quote mySELF:

 From a post at House of Shine.... If for instance, for this blog and your daily posts, sometimes you need to repeat the message a few times.  Someone may miss your blog one day and miss the fact that they could participate in a challenge, or they need a reminder to send out a YEP (yellow envelope project.). 
Repeat, repeat, repeat! 
If you want to get the message across.

If we are 'teaching' our children life lessons, it's repeat as well, but they(children) do by what they see.  So, if you push in a chair, open a door, help someone who is struggling ... people see what you do.  I think it's an insurance company (commercial on tv), and it's like paying it forward.... someone silently sees a co-worker cleaning up a mess, then the next scene is that person opening a door, the next scene is the struggling person helping their neighbor rake the yard.... and so on and so on.  
Repeat, repeat, repeat.

But I think you(Claudia, you wrote the original idea on her blog)  wrapped it up in a nutshell..... BASICALLY.... it all goes back to manners, old fashioned etiquette and respect, treat others how you'd want to be treated!  Take a moment, look someone in the eye and sincerely thank them or acknowledge them... If someone needs help opening the door, put aside personal bias and take one moment to help them, with a smile :0)

Why try to fit in, when you were meant to stand out!!!!

Never get tired of doing little things for others.  Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

Rinse, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat!!!

Market yourself and SHINE!

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