Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Caught a Bug!

Sometimes it takes a moment, maybe a little longer than that to realize a theme, or a pattern, or even something coming back to me in full circle!

And then that 'aha' moment... it clicks, like it was meant to be, or I find the right spin to make it seem like it works. (insert evil laugh! ba ha ha)
Although not intentional, the last two cards in my picture cue for this weeks posting were summer bugs.  Cute and whimsical Miss Lady Bug out on a limb... and serious and simple Butterfly birthday wish.

The instant gratification of creativity that I get from making cards is awesome!

We had another aha moment in our house recently.  There was a small chance we would be moving, so we took some time to re-evaluate A LOT of things.  One thing was, we were hoarding paint cans in our basement work shop,  for that possible moment we needed to touch up a wall in our house ... in Wisconsin?  (we currently live in Illinois) 

We moved paint down here 6 years ago from our old house.  The previous owners hid paint beneath the basement stairwell.... I kept paint from painted chairs of 4 years ago... big cans, small cans, full cans.. almost empty cans!!!  Crazy... I don't want to contribute to the land fills... what to do if the city isn't have a used paint drive... so during this heat... we have had 32 cans of paint open in our back forty... trying to dry out!!!  Can I just say.... don't hoard paint for a rainy day!  Don't move paint from one house to the other....
go ahead
Brighten Someone's Day!!

This Mojo Monday is my layout inspiration for the top card.  I used the square one on the right!

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