Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Carried Away

 What's your pleasure? 
 Blowing in the wind off a gentle breeze?
Or a good ole fashioned Cup o'joe? 

Two different cards with the same layout.  Lots of delightful color mixes and all different kinds of shapes, and scrumptious layers!
These are not my 'simple' layered cards!  That is the best part of my little card making business... I guarantee, unless I HAVE to... no two cards are alike!!!!  Similar, yet different!

I am totally having fun looking at the layouts of cards on other great blogs and through card challenges... and then I amaze myself when flipping through my stash to find things that work, that really work to make a fun and whimsical card. 

Oh sure!  These cards take a bit more time to put together, but the results are worth it.

If you have some extraordinary people in your life that you want to recognize, think a bit ahead and send me a note... I'll will create some fun creative greetings for you... or even pull a card or two from my wide variety stash of paper goodness!!!  I'll work you a deal... most cards are $2.50 (USA), which includes shipping... it's always the right time to Brighten Someone's Day!
Help support a small business!!!

1 comment:

jumbledhutch said...

I so dig your cards! They are awesome! I love the layouts and the papers you used! Great job! They will really make someones day!


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