Monday, August 20, 2012

A Girl and her Shoes

I have been playing along with the Mojo Monday Sketch challenge and am having a lot of fun!

Here is what I did for my creative greeting card last week, and below is how they set up the challenge sketch. I play along, but haven't posted my entries yet on their website.

There are a couple factors that make these types of challenges really fun for me:
A: as you know, I feel (slightly) guilty when I CASe a card (Copy and Share Everything)... that is the point when bloggers post their cards, to share, to show off.... of course I'm never trying to pass their idea off as my own, but there are some stinkin' cute ideas out there... and since I'm daily working on perfecting my 'copy' artist status... I can do a Mojo Monday challenge because I don't look at everybody's idea of the sketch... I do my own card first and then look at the real cool stuff others have created that I could have done  :0) ... but now I have even MORE ideas  for another great card!

B: I'm getting to use up a lot of my supplies on hand.  It is a real challenge to bring in different paper lines, embellishments that have been sitting in drawers and use doodles I've had in my bin for years. I'm actually cycling my own stuff!

So, did I COPY too close for the actual sketch???  ... It's supposed to spark your MOJO. 

I was pretty happy with myself the other day... maybe I have a twinge of scorn... I walked into Hobby Lobby with an open creative mind because I had just been on Pinterest (and, I had a few extra dollars in my wallet) ... or maybe I 'have it all' ... but I walked back out after browsing for 45 minutes... empty handed!!!  Maybe I didn't mention, but I tried to get a job there a few weeks back... and they didn't hire me.  That means something better is about to come along... don't you think??? 
Brighten Someone's Day!!
Have a great week!

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