Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From the Sewing Bin

This special creative greeting has only one stamped image on it.... the sentiment. 

Everything else is punched, trimmed, inked or distressed.  For some cardmakers, it would probably be easier to stamp a single image and be DONE with the card. I like a bit of the extra work, it makes this card different.  And I'm all about different.

I think there are about 8 layers give or take to this card.  When I distress the edges, there are two ways to do that.  Either I use a 'distressing tool' which is a disc with a scissor blade embedded in it... I can scrape it along the edge of fresh card stock and make the edge look worn and ripped.  Also, I can take a sponge, swirl it on an ink pad and rub the ink along the edges.... to help the look of being old, worn and tattered.

Banners and flags in celebration still seem to be popular in paper crafting.  Hard to tell from the picture, but I'm using some beautiful old white lace as the layer on the top.  I was lucky enough to get a stash of fibers, threads, buttons and other doodads from my mom who is a sewer.  She gets left overs from quilting sessions and some of that 'old vintage' stuff is just perfect for NEW paper crafts. 

What's old is new again! Love the bakery twine in tan and brown, and that huge brad almost looks like a button! And that is real stitching around the edges of the layers, with a real sewing machine! :0)

Change, is the only constant!

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