Monday, September 15, 2014

Moving in More Ways Than One

Day 1 of my trip to Utah.

I'm happy to admit that my flight to Utah was uneventful.

I think I was too excited about the whole trip ... I forgot to take more pictures, and was actually living in the moment as I experienced my trip.

This has been a staple picture in my travels.....

I've noticed a few other bloggers that I follow, have the 'foot' shot.  It is pretty common. 
Maybe it's the shoes I'm wearing, because I really like them.  Or I'm showing my travel Vera Bradley bag, or.... I don't know.  It's the beginning of my adventure.... wherever the first step takes me!
The best part of landing at the Utah airport besides the glimpses of the beautiful mountains, were the crowds of families waiting at the bottom of the arrival escalators. 
At first I was a bit confused. 
Obviously I knew they weren't there for me.... there were colorful helium balloon bundles, huge banners and colorful signs... there were parents and grandparents and new babies ... all chattering in tiny groups.  You could feel the excitement. What I was witnessing were families of LDS Missionaries waiting for their loved ones to arrive home from their Missions.  
Since my friend Becky lives in Utah and is a Mormon, I have learned a lot about her faith.  I am fascinated by the family strength and love of the Mormon members.  These families were patiently anticipating the arrival of their sons who had been away from home for 2 years and their daughters who had been away 18 months serving their missions.  While I stood by the conveyor belt waiting for my for my suitcase to arrive, I was able to watch 5 welcome home celebrations.  Cheers and applause errupted each time a missionary came into view.  It was very, very touching!
There was happiness in that airport. There was love. It made the beginning of my journey be joyful. What a great way to start my adventure.
All I had to do once I landed was take a step on to some moving stairs.  It is quite "possible" that you never know what can be down at the bottom of the escalator you get on!
Brighten Somone's Day!

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