Monday, September 22, 2014

What Have I Been Missing

When opening your mind and heart to an adventure, anything is POSSIBLE.

In my last few blog posts I wrote about the adventure I took with my friend Becky when I was out in her neck of the woods, UTAH. 

I'm sure there are lots of people who write about or tell stories of their travels.  Lately, I look for symbolism in a lot of the things I do.  In my second 50 years of living, I truly want to enjoy LIFE with my eyes wide open and my mind clutter free to learn what I have been missing!

I am interested in so many different things. 
I believe, but not sure how it is all figured out.... that the day I was born.... I became an Aries .... Aries personalities are independent. Being the first of the zodiac signs, they venture out and are go-getters, often leading the way. Their upbeat and magnetic personality often entices others to follow their lead because Aries personalities bring excitement into others lives.
Also, I'm a Dragon ....they turn out to be high achievers who love attention and refuse to compromise or take orders.
And I'm a  dominant*Type 4 with a strong secondary Type 1 personality~ A bold striking woman who is constant, still, firm, simple, structured and clean.
*I learned this last one most recently through Dressing Your Truth. Becky introduced me to her friend Carol's website , and we visited the actual store. I am confident that I was born this way, with a certain ' just my nature' attitude. And she made it POSSIBLE for me to visit a place I only new through the cyber world.

We visited a store by the name of Dear Lizzie.  A shabby chic store where a group of entrepreneurial women showcase their creations.  Many of their friends are artists who paint and up cycle stuff from the past, and crafters who make jewelry, clothing & accessories, and designers who know how to throw a fun girly party. And then they all eventually blog about their shared experiences.  They design, create and inspire ... and sell.  It was a very cute place that even had magic fairy dust!  It was very whimsical.
Look at this view!!! 
I wont see anything like this in my neighborhood!!! This is American Fork Canyon outside of Salt Lake City.  It was breathtaking.  This area is called Tibble Fork. It is just amazing to see other places.  I am in such awe of the majesty and beauty in the mountains.
And as a complete funny, we stopped on the side of the road coming out of Heber Utah to take a picture with a cow.  I loved the fact that Lacee and Becky had no problem pulling off the side of the road and turning around to capture this moment.  I mean for no other reason that it was weird and fun .... It's a cow, so we stopped to take a picture!

And finally, more beautiful than the postcard this could be, was the LDS Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.  What a view from the office building next to it, the eighth floor I believe .... and then just right after that we went back down to the inspirational gardens and walked around the solid foundation of the Temple.

I had a fun adventure!
My friend Becky shared this all with me. 
How special it is to see in person, places and people I've only read about.  From little eclectic art & clothing shops filled with people willing to  help you to find your inner beauty, to majestic mountains to see God's natural beauty, to a Temple that leaves an inspirational beauty through faith.
Through God, all things are POSSIBLE.
What an adventure LIFE is!!!

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