Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mountains to Climb

We climbed a mountain together this summer.

My husband Jeff and I literally climbed mountains in Colorado.

“It takes strength and courage to climb a mountain. It takes strength, courage, and wisdom to turn around,” Allison said. “It takes strength to look at our situation honestly and objectively. It takes courage to recognize that we need to change and actually to take steps toward that change. Wisdom is learning from our past—from our mistakes and from the things we did right.”  Stacy Allison

It was work.  

I got altitude sickness.  

We climbed from 9,000 feet above sea level to almost 11,200 feet and round trip was 7.1 miles, half of a half marathon.  

I wouldn't quit.  I had to get back to the car!

It was hard work.

If I can climb a mountain.... I can do (almost) anything!

What a view from the top!
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