Saturday, February 06, 2016

A Step Up

Pinterest Success?? Sure

Makeover?? Could be.

Redecorating?? Yes

So, here is the before of a cute step stool.

And here is the after.

It was really a quick reupholster job. The only issue I really had was reusing the tacks.  Since I had taken them out and wanted to use them again, most of them were bent.  I tried to straighten them out the best I could... that took the most work.

Next time, I'll go buy new upholstering tacks!

If you want to see the almost step by step, you can click on the YouTube video that I made, below.

And here, side by side, is the before and after.  I had the material on hand from another project, so the total cost for the renovation project $0.00.
I think I could do this again.  So yes.... two thumbs up for this one!!

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