Monday, February 01, 2016

The Elephant in the Room

Week 5   * DO52  * ADDRESS

it's very interesting how some things can be so dang difficult and others, easy peasy.  This week as part of cultivating a good life, I am continuing to create muscle memory and I am working on so many things to help me grow.

Challenging myself through the House of Shine I've picked  this weeks DO52 stick.  My verb for the week: address.

Maybe I shouldn't admit this.... but I've got this one!!!!

Waiting in today's mailbox to go out is a card I'm sending to a new friend with a check in it.  It was interesting karma.  A book was suggested to us a few weeks ago by a mutual friend. Completely *randomly, my husband had picked it out at our local library.  After a busy-ish 3 weeks, I never got to it, and sadly it went back to the library unread. That evening, a friend left an open message on Facebook that she accidentally purchased 2 copies of the book.And one was for sale.  I gladly said I would purchase it, and right away addressed the envelope with check enclosed. *this serendipity moment will have to be written in another interesting post.

Two other things I know for certain will happen this week.  I will be creating some funny valentines for my adult children and I will have to make some sort of entertaining greeting on the front of the envelope when I address it to Kansas and Missouri.  And finally, I've been asked to assist a kindred spirit who has a small mass mailing to do.  My job is to box the goodies and stick on the address labels.

Too easy..... right??  

When you DO52 it doesn't mean that you have to search HIGH and LOW to find the challenge in a new verb. It can be the little prompt to live your SHINE mindfully.  

And as I said before, I am an overachiever.  I will look for other opportunities to address the elephant in the room!

Stay tuned!

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