Monday, January 25, 2016

Ruffling a Few Feathers

Week 4   * DO52  *  ROUST

I'm not sure I like my new verb for the week.  Boy, right there, I'm not going into the week with a positive vibe.   Researching ROUST does not seem like something I would do on a weekly basis like some other fun verbs.  It's not like I'm going to ROUST the chickens and get some feathers flying.

Can't simply find any quotes with ROUST in them.  It keeps asking me if I want the quotes from Marcel Proust...a French novelist from the early 1900s. Or then my search takes me to fashion designer Olivier Rousteing who clothes people like Justin Bieber and Kendell Jenner.(no, I don't think so.)

Ok, who picked this word????

Maybe I need to rally up and ROUST you DO52-ers.

We are almost at the end of month one of 2016.  Do you want a challenge? Can you SHINE a little brighter?  As Parker Palmer says, this allows your head to receive feedback from your soul at a pace and depth that suits you. The weekly verbs are the metaphors you need to live mindfully.

Today, I am here as an Ambassador to the House of Shine to prompt you to take action.  Don't worry if you missed the first 3 weeks of the year.  Jump on in and pick a DO52 stick right now! Open up and welcome that word into your week.  Then come back here and share your story.

I need to ROUST the House of SHINE peeps.  Go pick your DO52 stick for Week 4, start moving to the action and just see where it might take you!!!
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