Sunday, January 10, 2016

DO52 * Week 2 * Assure

Week 2   *  DO52    

I decided on the spot that I would be an artist, and I assure you, it was no ordinary artist I had in mind. - Henry Ossawa Tanner

It is the 2nd week of 2016!  How's life going?  Busy, huh?  Or, have you made time to purposefully jump start and enrich your life by welcoming a new verb into your week?

Hey there!  It's Peggy and I am an Ambassador for the House of Shine .... soon to be.....

Funny story!  I live in Illinois (which is different than I'm from Illinois, please don't get the two mixed up)!  I have a neighbor whose husband went to graduate school with Claudia's husband.  Over eight years ago, my neighbor Denise told me about a friend in Texas who was starting a blog and thought I would be interested in following this creative lady at HiLowAha.

I became a fan, a big fan!  There is a reason that the House of Shine came into my life.  I could share the list, but the story isn't over! And now through habit ...I choose to SHINE first and foremost... it is a way that I can share my very best. I can assure you that I will certainly make something happen!!

It's Week 2  of DO52, time to select a stick and welcome the new word into your week.  

I picked
1: tell someone something positively or confidently to dispel and doubts they may have

Get your DO52 sticks out of your desk drawer and on top of your desk so that you can see them.

I'm still working on pretty storage,

Here's what things looked like before.

Check back all this week to see how I use my new word, see how I create a fun new storage container and see what silly stories I come up.

Now it's your turn.  Get your DO52 sticks, invite your new verb into your life and be creative, have fun and share your SHINE. Maybe tell us how you showed up at the doorstep of the House of Shine

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