Monday, January 04, 2016

Panda Express

Funny story, but it's true.  Well, not ha ha funny... but interesting!

So, the other day I was inspired to 'create' something.  I didn't know what at first.  But then I read somewhere that somebody was going to doodle an animal.

Okay, so, I will take inspiration wherever I get it.

I thought just a bit... and this animal came to mind. Hmm, why this animal... why paint it... also just a whim, just an inspiration. Not a doodle, but a painting? (can we just say rambling on)

After I finish him... I think he's super cute!!!  Just what I needed as part of my create every day mantra.

And literally, not even 5 minutes ago as I'm writing this post.... knowing that I'm including this panda no matter what I post about and I'm thinking ...'why did I come up with a panda?' I mean that animal is pretty random, don't you think?  With the way my mind works....

And I figured out that yesterday morning when we were listing out our meal plan and grocery shop list for the week... I picked a recipe from our Robinson Recipe binder that was from Panda Express: kopy kat.  And it finally hit me! Duh

I think dreams, and signs and mediating, and just looking outside the window (or box) can inspire us... if we just take a moment to see it. Maybe the next panda will be wearing ear muffs and be holding a sign that says SHINE on!  Now that's an idea!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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