Friday, January 08, 2016

Wanna Build a Snowman

Well it's a fine day here in Chicagoland.

Not the kind of day you would build a snowman outside, it's raining!

I probably say this every January.... and some of my best friends are flakes.... but I love me a cute snowman!  Mostly, doodled snowmen!

It's 2016!! Have you set new goals?  New challenges?  Words to live by?  My one little word for the year is Cultivate!  Part of cultivating a good life find and learn new ways to be creative .... for instance.

If you go back anywhere in my blog, you will see that one of my top postings is about learning new things.  I love to learn!  I noticed through my horoscope as well, that a Aries trait is one to love learning!!!

We will see if this works.  I am learning how to do a video with my snowman doodle.  I'm quite excited if I was able to make this work. I set up a video clamp, lighting, made the video, edited the video and added music.  If I come back with red text to the post, it means I had to EDIT.... because this attempt was not a complete success.... yet!!!!

Do you wanna build a snowman.... on paper.... with video!!

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