Monday, December 12, 2016

Be a Unicorn

Good Day to you!

I hear it happening more and more... but it's not every day that people meet new friends on the internet, hit it off, and then actually get together and meet each other in person.

That's me, Peggy Sue on the left and Claudia is in the middle.  Cindy is to the right in the picture. 

About 9 years ago  a neighbor here in Illinois told me about this cute site her friend was starting called HiLowAha ... it was out of the Dallas Texas area. Blogs were just starting (way back then)  and I found the creative content, the uplifting spirit, the fun stories and the purpose to SHINE really resonated with me and where I was in my day to day life as a mom.   Fast forward to today, after coming home from a visit to the actual House of Shine.... I have been a 'lifer' ever since... the site changed its' name and is now the  House of Shine with an LLC after it.  I have met up with Claudia and the House of Shine three times now ... I want to spread the word, and Spread Shine!

Cindy has her own story too. Claudia was Cindy's RA (college Residential Assistant in their dorm) when they attended Arizona State University a 'few' years back.    The two C's reconnected through Facebook. Cindy is a mom to four and a wonderful photographer in New Jersey, you can check her out here  Cindy Robbins and she even met her husband on-line.  So... the internet can create a good match for some things!

Cindy and I had the awesome fortune to meet each other recently, all because of Claudia.  She certainly knows how to bring out the best in others.  We actually were Claudia's little elves, helping her with a project or two... getting the word to the world about being present, keeping perspective and using our strengths. (Those are just a few principles of SHINE)

With my unique whimsical twist on sharing life, I can write a short story what finding like minded people who share their SHINE are all about.  I'll be honest, it's a lot of hard work... and it costs a bit of money... but if you are relentlessly passionate to spread SHINE, you do what it takes. In my corner of the world... I'm a little elf, a worker Bee, a huge supporter, a lifer, a fan and one who tries to daily realize the impact of little things.

Lessons from the House of Shine...
Be Accountable
Spread Shine

And in my corner of the world... I am a cardmaker, a doodler... a creater... and I want to Brighten Someone's Day!

I can't help but think of this cute little unicorn.  Don't you see them everywhere now?? (no, not in your mind... but on mugs and posters and memes?)

Lessons from a unicorn...
There's magic inside you
Anything is possible
Dreams can come true
You don't need wings to fly
It's okay to be different
Always believe in yourself if nobody else does.

Today I am going to get moving and spread some shine!

A unicorn doesn't stand around and worry about other unicorns think of it... it just sparkles!  Or in the case... it Just Shines!!!!

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