Saturday, August 16, 2014

Feeling the Love

My creative time has gotten shorter and shorter, but I still can't help myself... I NEED to be creative every day.

After a normal shift yesterday on a hot Friday afternoon, I came home, kicked off my shoes ... and saw some cut belts that I'm making into bracelet cuffs and had to start the painting process.  Just dipping my brush into the paint and making swirls and dots ... helped me relax. Well, it really made me giddy .... just thinking what I could turn the cuff's in to!!

Creating something is part of who I am.

Last week I was working on prdesigns creative greetings for my stash (I keep all kinds of greeting cards in labeled bins so that I have them on hand to give as gifts, mail out for special occasions, or if people want to purchase them)  and I decided that it's not hard to make two cards at once.... using the same papers, colors and themes, but then switching up the sentiments and the layout....

I actually had my paint brushes sitting in muddy water and my acrylic paints near by.... decided to doodle daisies on the front of craft cardstock.  Once dry, I made these two cards, one is a happy hello, and the other can be a happy, but thoughtful get well card.
And then by using thin paper scraps from another project I had laying around (I really must clean the piles in my craft room)  I was able to create these two cards. 
Banners and ribbons are being used every where in paper crafting.  The card base is pretty much the only difference between these to cards.
I was taking to heart the other day, when I read a comment about buy greeting cards from the dollar store.  A penny pincher was doing that.... because the recipient of the cards (gift) just toss them anyway!
And then I'm uplifted when many of my friends 'hoard' their cards, send them only on the most special occasions.... because they are too pretty!!! Or they even frame the card!  Such a compliment ... but I don't think I could create a lesser card just because the recipient will 'toss' it out with the wrapping paper.
Those who receive whimsy from creative greetings feel the love that is behind the crafting!! What a great feeling to accomplish that!

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