Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Put a Cork in It!

You know, there are things that just make you go hmmm!

Or little things that make you laugh out loud.

Inside jokes.

Funny how you see a bunch of signs that you never saw before?

Since before we really started drinking wine, I had kept a few wine corks, even dated them with permanent markers on  the ones for an anniversary or a special occasion.  Then I started putting wine corks in a semi huge glass vase.

After our walk through a few wineries earlier this summer, I saw that there were special wine cork 'holders' being sold in the winery gift shop.  But for $28 bucks, I thought I could create something more cost efficient!

I couldn't find the materials I was looking for... but I did find the perfect gift for wine enthusiast or your cork-collecting friend.
After I found my great buy (which was 1/4th the cost of a new one) I was watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he wrote a thank you note just for this cause...
Thank you people who save wine corks for basically saying, hey look, I'm a hoarder and an alcoholic.
25 DIY Wine Cork Craft Project Ideas
By the way, I am neither!!!!!
But now, someday and with Pinterest,  I have a ton of ideas what I eventually can do with all of those corks ... http://www.pinterest.com/pin/136937644894915378/
Plus, the new cork holder looks cute, and that's what counts!

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