Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I think it's peak season for blooms in my garden.  I thought I'd show you a few gorgeous flowers that brighten my day.
I've been having a tough few seasons with my hydrangeas.... above.  I believe the previous owners planted some beautiful hybrid kind.  But every year it has been hit or miss for these gorgeous blooms.  Only 2 of the 5 plants have blooms.  And they have an amazing pink and purple and blue color to them.  I've read it depends on how much iron you have in the soil.
In the years past we've had 4 blooms, and in a creamy white. So strange.  But this past fall, I didn't cut the 'bushes' down throughout the winter and did it in the spring when it was just beginning to grow.  Every year, it's something new with these hydrangeas!  But they are beautiful on the east side of our house!

Roses .... white roses with a tinge of pink.  I have hundreds of blooms on these. I believe these are hedge roses.  They grow about 3 feet tall and have tons of blooms.  Every year they are different as well.  It's hard to say if they appreciated the very cold winter?  Or was it the wettish spring and the cool nights??  Every fall before the snow comes.... I cut them back to the ground, and every year for 7 years now.... they keep coming back on the south side of our house!

These are orange daylillies.  I think all lillies are beautiful!  But I have heard that some master gardener types think these are just awful weeds.  When we moved in, we had a huge patch of them.  They seemed to grow wild!!!  But then I changed out my garden burm and planted something different in that spot.  But a few of these pop up, year after year.  I like a few orange blooms here and there on the west side of our house!

Star gazer lily.  Smell wonderful!!!!!  I didn't get to see them bloom last year.  Either a huge gust of wind knocked off the blooms, or our friendly deer were brave enough to come all the way up to the back patio for a snack!! They are on the north side of the house and I have exactly two plants.

Every year I choose a color combo for my potted plants, and this year I liked the deep pink color for my geraniums.  I have three pots that I plant that are pretty much the same from year to year, with spikes and ivy.... they grow so well in the sun!

Forget-me-nots!  These are from seed and actually they are from seed of the FMN that I planted last year.  I love the little blue blooms.  And they have a special story behind them.  If you want to know, just ask me!!

Our Rose of Sharon are full of blooms.  We are about to rosed to death.  It's the peak of summer time and our five bushes on the west side of the house are about ready to explode!!! I can't wait.
And amongst all the flowers we have tons of huge green hostas that seem to get bigger and fuller.  We have a secret garden full of gnomes and garden rocks and other fun surprises.  And nature at times, is so abundant!  We have deer, bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, hawks, owls and who knows what else that we haven't seen???!!?
I love to see my garden grow and change!

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