Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Weekends Over

I must admit that I miss writing on my blog! 

There have been others who I have followed and they say the same thing. 

Sometimes life gets in the way!  A new project needs more attention!  Sometimes I don't feel I have anything to say! (That is amazing)

But when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it.... writing blog posts for almost 7 years has become habit forming, and when I don't do it for awhile... I feel a part of me is just not right!!!

This 'work' thing obviously is something that has gotten in the way.  It takes away a good chunk of the extra time I used to have.  Blah, blah.... you get it...

I've not lost ALL of my creative fun time!

It's POSSIBLE to find time... just a bit harder to fit it in and sleep as well! 

If you continue reading my next blog post, you'll see that I took a class on making up-cycled belts into cuff bracelets.  I made a few more over the weekend!!

I was able to make 4 cuff bracelets out of this one white belt.  (One painted strip not pictured hasn't been made into a cuff yet) 
I think I love them!!! 
Today is my day off, and I'm going to check out a few other hobby stores to see if I can find the appropriate supplies.  I want them to look more worn and shabby like.... too perfect and then I can see the mistakes. 
If not so perfect.... the 'mistakes' seem intentional.... get what I'm saying???
Still recovering from 8+ yards of mulch we laid in our flowerbeds on Saturday.

And finally, to end this updating type of post .... after getting more acquainted with how wine is made and the different ways wine tastes depending on the food .... we've decided to have a wine and cheese dinner every couple of weeks.  No cooking, just a lot of chopping, finger foods and trying new cheeses, sausages and of course different wines!!!!  
This is what our dinner looked like on Sunday ... it was very yummy!

Here's to a bright new week!!!
Shine on!

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