Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Belt It Out

Recently, I took an on-line art class to learn how to convert used belts into bracelets. I thought the creative info I learned was so awesome .... here are my very first attempts to up-cycle and design my own one of a kind cuff belt bracelets.

I have a bit of a 'tool' issue.  Because I'm so frugal, I don't always have the proper tools to create the project as simply as I could.  I try to make do!  So again.... these are my first attempts.  I found that real leather belts work great.... the older and more pliable the better.  I love my painting... but notice that when I take the picture. my eye does not see what my camera lens captures.
I gave away two bracelets already for quality control.  I want my friends to wear them, see if the snaps hold together and see if the 'cuff' might get in their way while doing every day stuff.  And to see if any of their friends comment on that surprising piece of artwork on their wrist!!!
Now, as the original teacher of the class noted.... I'm off to thrift stores to find some old fun belts that I can turn into beautiful new pieces of art.  Good thing I know where to shop and which days they discount old items!!!!

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