Saturday, July 05, 2014

What's Brewing?

Back to our road trip. 

I already wrote in a previous post that we were trying to do a lot of touristy things on our trip through Missouri. 

Of course you must stop at the St. Louis Arch.... the gateway to the west.  I like the picture below.  In the rear view mirror, I got one last picture of the arch as we were driving out of downtown.  It is such and impressive structure.

On to picking up the kids and finding the next thing to do. 

Because we didn't have any set plans, but we knew there was plenty of things to see.... once we got to Kansas city, we stopped to have lunch and then went to Kansas City Sea life Aquarium. 

It's like any major aquarium.... it's just a little different when you have 'adult' children with you.  Now they really want to see the fish and read about them.... not just run through the exhibits and see who can get done first!

Next, we wanted to try some real KC BBQ.  Our first choice was closed..... but no worries.... we found another excellent replacement restaurant!

Excellent!  Loved the side of pickles and love the Cheesy Corn Casserole.  Oh and of course.... the BBQ pork sandwich was delicious!!! Yum

Next.... Boulevard Brewery.  Small town specialty brew.  I tried once again to drink beer.  I mean I try it.... and I just haven't quite found the appeal for the taste.  It doesn't satisfy my thirst.  It doesn't taste good ... it's fun to see how it is made and how the small company started in someone's small warehouse and then grew bigger.... just don't like the taste!

Maybe she'll become a beer maid!

I enjoy the little tours.... especially when they are free.... and they give you a sample at the end!
Stay tuned to the next post and our next adventure in the Show Me State!

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