Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Show Me More Missouri

Ok, quick.... where will you be two years from today?????

Who really knows, right????

Two years ago I would never have thought both of my kids would be living/working in the state of Missouri.  Who would have thunk it!!!

Twenty five years ago, this man of mine and I went on a vacation a few months after we became a dating couple and guess where we went???
St. Louis, MO.  Can you believe it? 
So, now twenty five years later .... both kids are in the state of Missouri for the summer and we decided to be total road trip tourists and the first stop on the visit was the St. Louis Arch.... the gateway to the west!!!!

It really is quite beautiful. 
I think the day we were there was probably bout 20 degrees cooler than when we first visited in 1988.  I recall it was brutaly hot and un-godly humid.  Don't get me wrong, it was very hot this time too, but that was to be expected.  This time we had to wait for our tour time about 1-1/2 hours... and we were never informed why the wait was soooo long.  But this time, we took our time (because we had plenty) and really looked at the historical pictures and information how this awesome structure was really constructed.  Wow!!!

Holly is at the University of Missouri in Columbia.... which is located almost in the middle of the state.  And Kyle is entering his senior year at the University of Iowa, but he got a 12 week summer internship at Cigna Insurance in Kansas City, Missouri.... thus the reason for the road trip to the Show Me State.
After we picked Holly up of campus, we drove two hours further west to pick up the boy.  One of our stops was the Kansas City Aquarium..... you are never to old to look at the fishys!
And of course we had to stop and have some real Kansas City barbeque at Jack Stack Barbeque.  It was very good!  Kyle got some great left overs!!!  It is just so interesting where this summer has lead everybody.
Stay tuned for more posts about our road trip!!  All totally un-eventful.... but extremely calm, relaxing and pleasant!!!

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