Sunday, June 29, 2014

One of These is Not Like the Other

We went on a little road trip last week to Missouri. 

Traveling in the middle of our country.

People asked us where we are from, and that story is a bit complicated, (I make it complicated) because we live in Illinois.... but I'm from Wisconsin and Jeff is from Indiana.  I'm not sure anymore what my kids say.  But currently, they are both living and working in Missouri.

For our summer vacation we went to see them and be total tourists.  I like that!

One of our first stops for a picnic lunch was in Lincoln, Illinois.  We got off the interstate and wanted to find a park to enjoy a quiet lunch.  This beautiful huge tree was our chaperone. 
I'm talking HUGE! 
It was well over 100 years old..... after lunch we went Geocaching at a nearby cemetery.  It is awe inspiring to read the gravestones and know that amazing lives ended 106 years ago in that very spot!
Once you leave the quiet country side and get moving onto your next destination, zooming by masses of engineered steel at 80 miles an hour.  It too is an amazing site to see!  How does one design and engineer a bridge that goes over water, stands up through severe mother nature, yet holds cars and still looks beautiful?

And then to end up at the peak of Missouri Wine Country and look out miles and miles and see beautiful blue skies and lush green foliage and a quaint little town. Hard to believe 80 some years ago, everything was topsy turvey with prohibition and this winery became a mushroom farm!

Finally, a beautiful HOT morning for a walk on the Katy Trail, just down the road from Maggie's B&B in Hermann, Missouri.  The Katy Trail runs largely along the northern bank of the Missouri River, it is the country's longest Rails-to-Trails trail.
Stay tuned to another post about our Road Trip through Missouri.

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