Monday, June 09, 2014

Splish Splash

Well, I've been at it again!


Last month I saw a really neat PIN on Pinterest and I thought.... I can do that.... so, here is what it was....

Using three similar shaped but different sized Terra cotta planter pots and a large drainage saucer, I made a really. really cute bird bath for my secret garden.

It's about 20" tall.  It's small and compact, and I'm so excited to be finished painting it.  I could doodle all day, trying to make each flower bud look almost real.... or adding wings and antennas to the bugs, or getting the shading just right.  I used acrylic paint, blue painters' tape, a sharpie marker and a Hi-SHINE finishing gloss. 
I'm not sure how much water it will hold, or even if a little bird will take a bath in it.... but it is a Pinterest Success!!!!
On the top saucer I painted a sun SHINE mosaic.  Some day (it is POSSIBLE), I will work outside my comfort zone and make another mosaic tile sculpture. 
Meanwhile, look how that baby SHINES!


Cheryl Houston said...

That is shut up cute!

Peggy said...

Thank you Miss Cheryl..... I see more painting in my future!!!!


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