Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Pocket Change

I may not think BIG .... like changing the whole world's thinking BIG... but I am trying to make a difference in my own little corner of the world.

Honestly, I LOVE dreamers!  I want to co-exist next to them and take some of their over flow of creative juices, their excitement and enthusiasm ... and if I believe in their cause, I want to learn from them and support them.

And if along the way ... I get a few little treats from their huge heart of generosity, that's not a bad little perk!!!

As many of you know, I have been an active participant of the House of Shine for over 6 years now. 

I admire Dr. Claudia Beeny and her BIG ideas ... The House of Shine is a high-energy gathering place for anyone committed to being their best and to bringing out the best in others. People who shine share common characteristics, so we make it our business to teach, promote, and celebrate the ten principles we consider most essential:
Be Present
Use your Strengths
Keep Perspective
Realize the Impact of Little Things
bring out the Best in Others
Reject Mediocrity
Be Relentlessly Passionate
Be Accountable
Spread Shine

These are all characteristics that are most admirable, don't you think? 

Although it's quite small, in my corner of the world I've recently come to a realization, another aha moment in my life (I just love that term ....)

I may not be trying to get in contact with Oprah and her magazine O!  to spread SHINE like Claudia is ... I'm trying to find ways to incorporate the Principles of SHINE at my part-time job at Goodwill Industries.
At times I am frustrated with the way customers think (or don't think) .... Like being one of the first customers in our store  at 9:05 am and purchasing $4.29 worth of items and paying a thrift store with a Hundred dollar bill ... but I'm trying to turn my thinking around. I also am so confused when people complain to the Cash Register Sales Associate about the 'prices are too high' .... I don't price the  items it's standard from the store manager or corporate.  In my mind all I can think is, if you don't like the prices .... then don't shop here!!!  Or, when they ask if we can give them a better deal because the 'donated' item has a scratch on it ..... remember.... this is Goodwill!!!!
Recently, I've been keeping change in my pocket while working the cash register.  There are times when little kids drop their crumpled dollar on the counter to pay for a toy figurine and they are short ten cents because they forgot about Illinois state tax!  I help them out and add a dime from my pocket. Or  someone only has 2 pennies and they need three so they don't get a whole bunch of change back... I dig in my pocket and find that one penny.
I must admit that some people are surprised by my 'generosity'.  Literally were talking pennies and quarters here .... but it's a start.  I often look them in the eye and just ask that when the have the opportunity to pay it forward to someone else.  I thank them for supporting Goodwill.... a hand  up ... not a hand out.... and wish them a good day.

This is a quote from Bill Gates, I think he knows what he is talking about.  Stay tuned to more adventures with my job as I try to make 'change'  and  create an environment that makes our happy customers even MORE happier!!!!

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