Saturday, June 28, 2014

Show Me Your Heart

You can be choose happy and be happy if you set your mind to it.

You can find anything, if you look hard enough.

I've followed different blogs long enough now to know that a lot of people look for a sign, anything that might be an affirmation of what they are doing in their daily life. 

One thing they look for, but most happily find along the way, are natures' hearts.

So, I am playing along.

On our recent trip to Missouri.... the Show Me State.... or Show me a SIGN state... I found a couple hearts in our daily walks.  Some are more pronounced.... and some you might have to squint and see sort of the shape.... but they are hearts none the less...

I was trying to play around with Photo Shop on this one, trying to get the heart shaped rock to stand out a little bit more.  But it has been a few months since I "played" with photo shop, and I don't quite remember how to enhance the color the way I wanted to!

There are a lot of winerys in Missouri.  Who knew??? While walking though a grapevine patch I saw this little green leaf peaking out.  Although most of the grape leaves are heart shaped,  this light green one with a little sun highlight on it, poked its way through.

This heart looked a bit tough.  But the sun streamed through the trees on Katy Trail while we walking about 4 miles round trip.  I like the ones that are a little worn.  Those hearts have gone through a lot.

Stay tuned to more posts on my blog about our road trip to visit our kids this summer.  They both are living in Missouri!!

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