Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Empty Nest?

My post almost looks the same as one I posted a few weeks ago, but it's different.

Now there are two birds' nests in my Boston Ferns hanging from my front porch. 

Not only am I trying my green thumb at growing 3 Boston Ferns, now I'm having to be careful around 7 eggs, 2 momma birds and a few other things....The house sparrow is strongly associated with human habitations, and can live in urban or rural settings.

So, the nest above is the newest one. It's in the hanging basket closest to our front door.   Looks like only 4 eggs.

And here is the other nest, the original one I posted about.  It is hanging in the center of our porch.  It had 9 eggs at one point.  Having the plants out in the rain and wind, one egg fell out (Jeff touched it when he put it back) we found another one on the porch floor.  In open nesting sites, breeding success tends to be lower, since breeding begins late and the nest can easily be destroyed or damaged by storms .  Awe, and poor thing... one has hatched but doesn't look alive.
Clutches usually comprise four or five eggs, though numbers from one to ten have been recorded. At least two clutches are usually laid, and up to seven a year may be laid in the tropics or four a year in temperate latitudes.
I haven't found anything yet in the last hanging basket furtherest from the front door.  It has been fun watching Mother Nature work in our own front yard.  It will be interesting to see the survival rate of the little birdies..... and my Boston Ferns!!! Stay Tuned!

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