Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Bird in the Hand

Did you know that I love my front porch?

I have painted there in the shade.

I've sat on a comfy Martha Stewart wicker chair and read books and sipped lemonade on a hot afternoon.

I've watched lightning shows.

I've even people watched.

But most of all, I have been thankful for such a beautiful spot to sit and relax.

I'm also trying to grow some hanging plants this Summer.  This time it's Boston Ferns.  I'm not quite the green thumb I may seem to be in some of my fantastic yard pics.  Most all of those perennials were planted before we moved here, I just minimally maintain them.  Trying to keep a potted plant in the surviving mode, is something I haven't quite mastered.

This year instead of hanging Fuscias or a basket hanging off the railing, we decided on some beautiful Boston Ferns.  Our front faces the south, but with the overhang, it gets partial sun and not really direct sun.  They look so southern sweet on my porch.  I love them.  Then the other day I discovered this.... in one of the plants when I was watering.....
I thought I heard some activity the other day.  Each time I'd go past the plant a bird would fly out.... scaring the crap out of me.  At first I thought it was a robin, but now I think it's a house finch.  Then the other day I went to water the plant and I discovered this....

Eight speckled eggs!! 
She's been busy!!
I haven't looked inside the plant for a few days.  We had a rather crazy rain storm the other day and I put the plants on the ground to be watered.  Yikes, the wind blew them over and one of the eggs had fallen out.... at that time we counted 9. 
It's just a beautiful and intricate little nest.  I'm not sure I want 7 or 8 little chirping birdies and a big ole protective momma bird dive bombing me if I get too close.
Stay tuned to see that our nest isn't so empty at the moment!!!!

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