Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Tuck

I need to go for the 'cute' factor today. 
This job of mine is getting in the way of my creativity!!
Our little buddy hasn't been feeling quite himself lately. 
He has allergies. 
I know!  Who would have thought a cute little doggie like him would have allergies.  But he does.  He's been miserable.  Yes he has a cute sneeze, but when he does.... it starts from the tip of his nose and shakes all the way to the end of his fluffy tail.  Something is annoying his back leg, and then his nose and his little paw paw can barely reach to scratch it.  He goes around in circles trying to catch the itch and he even cries out in frustration.
We've taken him to the vet and he's gotten an allergy shot and some tablets.  It seems like clockwork now.... every September and early May ... something in our air causes our tiny fuzz ball to be not quite himself.

So, have you seen Boo?  He's a famous Pomeranian.  His face is plastered all over calendars and notebook covers.   He's even done commercials.  Click here for the link of the 'worlds cutest dog'. Whenever new people see our little Tuck they think he looks like that teddy bear dog in the commercials!!

I was at Michael's a few weeks ago and saw an entire end cap of 'stuffed' Boos.  Cute doggies never go out of style.  There is another Pom named Jiff who has been making the YouTube circuit.  He is a trained Pomeranian who does amazing balence tricks! Check out this article about Boo vs. Jiff here.

Then there is our Tucker!
This dog is so adorable!!
Maybe we need to shorten his name and just call him Tuck.  Look at that smile on his face and that weird way he sits!  Our little Pomeranian is the ORIGINAL cutest dog in blog land!
Go team Tucker!!!

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