Wednesday, May 07, 2014

It Strikes a Chord

I like how my first picture has the word 'adventure' in it!!

I do love an adventure!
Sometimes I am a bit afraid of them.

Instead of explaining it out to my then young children, I told them we weren't always sure where we were going, but it certainly was going to be an adventure!

An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. 
True to my nature ... although most of the time I am calm and collected .... I really like to have unusual experiences!!!
One of my goals a few years ago was to take up piano again.  I played as a young child from about  8 years to 12 years old.  I can read notes.  I can site read.  I understand melodies and I could carry a tune ... but I never could quite put that all together and play a beautiful piece of music.  And I'm perfectly fine with that.
I have moved my piano with me.... 4 times. 
I like how it looks in ALL of my houses.  And throughout the 38 years since I took piano lessons, I have been stuck playing the music I left off with.
But!!!!! But today I ran my errands and decided I want a little more out of the ivory that has been sitting so quiet in my dinning room!!!
I was inspired again when I met up with a piano teacher at an event in February.  We got talking and she suggested that as an 'adult' player, I wouldn't really need to take lessons because I have the basics, but what I needed to do was discard my 40 year old piano books and get something new! 
So, today as I dropped our well weathered American Flag at our local city flag store, I decided to go into the 'Players Bench'  (cute name for a music store) next door and find some new music!!!
I've taken the plunge and have gone on an adventure!!
I'm already on page 27 ( it started out with page 3, so I'm not that far along)..... but I've already had an aha moment!  Or maybe my memory has come back to me.  I finally get what the letters above the staff mean for the CHORD accompaniment.  You can see what I'm talking about in the following picture, it is the arrows in red!

And just so you know too.... I just figured out how to add the red arrows on Photo Shop!!!!
But going back to the chords .... In all of my previous beginning children's piano books, as far as I can tell.... I've had the left hand notes, or the chords.... ALWAYS written out with the actual notes.  I recall on my cello music and my choral music seeing the C, F & G7 on the top of the staff.... but NEVER knew what they meant.  I wondered how guitarist knew what to play!!! It's the chord accompaniment!!!
This adventure back into basic music has certainly brightened my day!  Finally, spring is here almost at 66 degrees.... and yet the sun is NOT SHINING.... but I will find the music somewhere to.... Annie, the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.... so instead for today .... I will make beautiful music that will SHINE!!!

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