Monday, May 12, 2014

Big Deal!! I'm a Mom!

I didn't know that being a mom was such a big deal (well, it is an amazing thing to be)... I guess I mean to be a big holiday.  I can't even count on my fingers ... (because it was way over 10) the number of times someone wished me to have a Happy Mother's Day!!

Honestly, I'll admit it's kinda nice to be recognized ... but other than my own Mother.... I guess I didn't wish anyone else a 'happy mother's day'.... is that rude of me???

I do whole heartedly admit that I had a beautiful weekend! 

Our first in a very, very, VERY long time.  I mean we had sunshine and warm temperatures on Saturday (and mostly on Sunday, in between the hail pellets) ... it felt wonderful!!!!

I could be sad that I didn't go visit my mom or mother-in-law, (but just so you know... I did visit both in the past two weeks.... to Wisconsin and Indiana)  and I'm a little sentimental that neither of my children came home to be with me (Iowa and Missouri)... but that's all okay.  I don't need one day to celebrate 'me' or the mom's in my life ... I think it's important to do that any day.... and every day.

How wonderful it was to have a great weekend to do things I love with the man I love! 

And, technology is great.... everyone got a phone call or was 'seen in person' on Skype .... how blessed we all are!

This is what the back of my car looked like on Saturday. 
Full of blooming flowers and lush green plants.  It was so nice to finally get my finger nails dirty and add some color to our yard.  I hope that my thumb will turn a bit green.  I'm learning to be a 'gardener'.
You might not understand this in your neck of the woods.... but here in the Midwest.... we've had a really long, cold and ugly winter and spring.  It took until May 10th for our yard to be 'happy' to be alive!!!!

My backyard did not look this green a mere two weeks ago.  
However, I'm loving ♥ it now!!! 
I always love my window to the world (that's what I call my big kitchen windows out to our backyard), but I feel more complete when I can actually be outside in all it's glory!!

I am enjoying things that bring meaning to my life. 
I'm finding where my strengths are. 
I'm taking an online course with Brene Brown and have been practicing and practicing.  I'm trying to live a whole hearted LIFE.  It's not complicated to explain, but it's not the right time to do it here on my blog.  Because I am still a work in progress.
I am finding that every day in a way is 'me' day.... sometimes it's a mother's day, or a birth -day, or a Satur - day... and it's most important for 'me' to find...
new ways to .... 
Brighten Someone's Day!!!
Here's to more days along side of Mother's Day, that SHINE!

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