Monday, May 19, 2014

I Still Do

.... After 24 years I still do take Jeff to be my husband.  It's not that I didn't believe we'd make it 24 years of marriage, I just never thought on day one, what year 24 and a day would mean.  But here we are .... 2 kids and 3 dogs and 4 moves to 3 different states later....

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

And, I still do make greeting cards ... if you were wondering!!  Were you???

Business is slow. 
I still like creating and playing with paper and ink and punches and doodles ... but ... I'm not getting any repeat business.  Some day.... maybe... it's possible... that I will actually work in a creative field and find people locally who are like minded in the arts.
Meanwhile ...
I still do make cards with Cooper the wonder dog doodles!!!!  Although Cooper  is going to be 9 this year, he can still go on a lot of adventures ... on paper!

And, I still do copy cat some of my doodles ... or I should say the ideas and then of course add my own whimsical twist to them! 
It's quite 'possible' that my faux business will pick up.  2014 is my year of Possibilities. I'm still on the search for that right niche!
By the way ... if you follow along on my blog ... on my last post (just scroll down if you didn't happen to see it)  I showed you some pictures from the window to my world.... my backyard!!! 
I posed a question.... did you think the picture outside was from a day that it was 88 degrees out and the air conditioning was on, or was it 48 degrees and the heat was on?????  
Wait for it..... The pictures were taken Thursday last week when it was 48 degrees out.  However, earlier in the week ... on Monday, it was actually 88 degrees and then....

Friday, May 16, 2014 it was snowing!!!!  In the same week we had a high of 88 degrees with humidity and then we had huge snow flurries and high of 32 degrees.  All I can say is wtf? 
I guess anything is, actually 'possible'!!!!!
How are you going to SHINE this week?
I plan to Brighten Someone's Day .... could it be yours?????

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