Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lazy Day or Just LIFE?

I give myself permission to have a lazy day!

Do you ever do that?  Or is LIFE too busy to take a wellness check day?

I am ever so lucky and fortunate.  I am truly blessed, and I know it! 

But I think there is much for me to do.  The POSSIBILITIES are endless.  I can't accomplish it ALL in just one day.  However, I can find more opportunities and not worry so much ... I am doing enough!

It's so exciting just to have sunSHINE and warmer temperatures. 
Today on my day off .... I think I'm going to do some more practicing.  Practice working in my new little garden and weed, practice cleaning out a closet and purging things I no longer use, practice doodling to make some more unique creative greetings. 
Do you think I was just made this way?  It takes a lot of practice to be me!!

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