Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cubs lose - so sad - who cares

Ok, when in Illinois, do as they would do... so as part of our last remaining days of vacation, we went to Wrigley Field and a Cubs game. It was very interesting to people watch. Man, you drop a ton of money. I don't even want to tell you how much a single ticket cost. I'm feeling like my parents... I remember when you could buy a decent Brewer ticket for $4.50.... no multiply that times 8!!!

So, we took the Metra train, hopped a CTA bus and then walked a few blocks to get here!

A nice Cub Fan who was sitting in front of us saw that I was taking pictures of our family in the famous Wrigley Field... and said she'd take a few for us. How Nice.... so, here we are before the game started. Like I said, it was fun to people watch, especially the row in front of us.... $6.50 for a beer.... and it must have been some business men... the beers were moving right on down that row. At least no one was obnoxious around us!!

It was a 'neat' day! We left while they were singing

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (bottom of the 7th) The Pirates were winning... and why be in that sorry sad crowd at the end of the game. So, we had to find a CTA Bus to get us back to the Metra... it sure was a learning experience for the kiddos... they've ridden the train before, but not the Chicago bus... they didn't understand how it works.... lines that go east and west and north and south. Then we couldn't find how to get up to the Metra platform... went across the tracks (DANGER<>

Maybe I'll put up a beach picture or two.... later!!

Happy Day!


Kim H. said...

WOW What great photos! I love that you all day a great time at the ball park! I have never been to a baseball game!

spredbirds said...

Looks like a very fun outing ... I agree ... how do families ever afford to go to events like this!!! Looks like you had a great day for it though!


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