Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Perfectly, Imperfect Girls

Practice makes PROGRESS.

I must admit that through the years, it was very boring to practice things ... like playing the piano, playing the cello and doing math or science problems.  Now, 40 years later I practice a lot of things.... every day!!!

I try my best to create (something) every day.

I am on this kick where I make a background page of different colors and textures, and then plop a charming little girl in the middle.  Head tilted, cute outfit, dainty shoes, heart shaped lips, big hair....

I must admit that I like practicing this task.  Painting is still a bit difficult for me because I can't control the paint as much as I can with a colored pencil or marker.  I know there should be shading or highlighting, but I just don't know how much, or how to blend it accurately. However, another thing I like about these 'mixed media' pieces is that I can use a little bit of everything.... water colors, markers, paint, doodle pens.

I also practice my penmanship and writing every day.  At least at some point I make a conscientious effort to think about what I'm doing and try to improve somehow.

And I try to do that with my daily interactions as well.  As I do things for others, I practice being kind and  I make an effort to be aware of their feelings. I keep on task, trying to improve myself.

I might be a work in PROGRESS but every day, I get a little bit wiser, a little bit better, a little bit stronger.

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