Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Happy Girls Are Prettiest

I thought for sure that I would able to blog more in 2015.  

I was wrong.

I've mentioned before that I feel most creative with my writing in the morning.  I bring my lap top downstairs from my "Creative Nook".  Place it at my meal spot on the kitchen table.  Get my favorite iced beverage of homemade Starbucks coffee, settle down and look outside the kitchen window ... for inspiration.

Not that the month of January went by in a blur, but I really didn't have too many free mornings to just sit and ponder. (that makes me sad).

What I got instead in January was Capture 30.  I took an online class from one of my favorite artist/crafters, Heidi Swapp.  I was prompted every day to write something in a creative planner... Capture the Moment.

So, instead of blogging, I was practicing my penmanship, I was creating doodle flaps, I was placing stickers and I was documenting in just a few words, what had happened each and every day.

The pictures here is the open planner with all the days of January filled in, with either weather reports, food menus, feelings and favorite quotes.

I'm really sad the class is over, which a lot of my classmates feel the same.  Heidi is such an inspiration when it comes to different ways to document the ordinary every day life events!

The best thing about taking the class is, that I have the tools.... I should be able to incorporate the cuteness in each new month's pages.

The other good thing is that so many of the crafters I 'follow' on line are on the Planner bandwagon... and a lot of them are giving free tips and techniques how to make a really cute calendar to remember those ordinary days of 2015.

Ordinary days???? 

Snow days!!!  

The blizzard of 2015.  

This was a picture out the second floor window that faces the front (south) of our house.  All the men of the neighborhood were out getting the first round of snow cleared from their driveways.  On the new Holiday, Superbowl Sunday, we got about 12+" of snow, before the wind picked up and caused drifting.

Here, two days later.... no snow melting.  The bird feeder, out the window to  my world has a cute marshmallow fluff topping.

Winter in the Midwest.  Gotta love it.... what else can you do about it?  Complain???  Not me, at least not anymore.... I intend to capture each day and embrace it for what it has to offer.

And too, I  may not blogging in the morning... but it gives me the opportunity to create every day in the evening.  After a long day... I get to play and doodle and paint.... and find ways to create fun colorful art from the heart.

After I finished her, I thought she was a whimsical version of Alice in Wonderland... that , or a clown.... but she is cute.

Happy Girls are the Prettiest!

Brighten Someone's Day!

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