Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A little TWIST on SHINE

I've said this many times throughout my life... I love pretty things and clever words.

And what makes that statement soooo good, is when I find a connection and it works putting the two together!!!

I think that's why card making is so enjoyable for me.  I can combine the two and create something that makes my heart sing.

To stay connected... we all get involved in groups where we hope to find other like minded people.  If you scroll down or hop on to any blog post that is labeled with SHINE, you will see that for almost the past 8 years, I've had something to do with the House of Shine

To SHINE, resonates with me.  Although it's not always easy to do.... I enjoy doing it.... it brings me joy to: create, bring out the best in others, be present, use my strengths, keep perspective, realize the little things, reject mediocrity  be accountable, be relentlessly passionate and spread shine

And the best thing of all, is when I can combine 'all' of these things and feel like I really accomplished something that is so true to my soul.

As one of my personal challenges, I help to facilitate the DO52 Facebook page. I pull a verb each week from a special set made up for those participating and I welcome the word into my week.  Here is what I wrote about today....

WEEK ????.... something.... ha ha~
Aren't all the weeks, days starting to blend together. In the beginning of a new year, everything seems FRESH, new, exciting and now with FALL/Autumn here in parts of the country where the temperatures dip into the 40s and frost starts to cover the pumpkins... it's totally like what week is it? And WHAT? how many days until Christmas???

:to begin to occur or exist

What I found interesting about this weeks DO52 word is that if you rearrange the letters, you get ARIES.... which is my astrological sign. Which is the first astrological sun sign, and a personality trait is "get something started and lead the way
Not to put a 'spin' on it (well, really I think that's part of the challenge) .... but the signs are always there, especially if you look for them. DO52 is an awesome way to open your thinking.... if you follow the House of Shine.... they have a program called RISE & SHINE... there is no reason not to re-start my existence..... I take on the challenge to get up and give forth with light!!!

Can you put a TWIST on something in your life today??

Brighten Someone's Day!

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Marilyn said...

Glad to see you back up and creating!

Creating with you! Marilyn

Peggy said...

Hey, you were able to leave a comment. It works!! Thanks!


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